We’re Making History Not Repeating It

June 4, 2020

Enough is enough.

Doesn't it feel all too familiar?

As Black people, it is no secret that we have faced over 300 years of oppression and ill treatment from practically every race. History graphically tells the story of the unthinkable physical, mental and spiritual torment our ancestors endured throughout slavery. With only 3-4 generations between us and those who suffered greatly. We’ve had no time to heal, no reparations or compensation, but instead, after everything we find ourselves fighting, once again for the basic and simple right to live and be free. 

Is this battle really any different from the last?

Civil Rights History

Yesterday's Fight Was Tomorrow's Victory

Today our hearts are filled with sadness and rage as the battle continues, hundreds of years later. Our brothers and sisters are suffering beyond the ongoing psychological deceit of equality and social inclusion within the white community and are dying right before our eyes. 

Ever since old-fashioned slavery was ‘abolished’ in 1865, we’ve been fighting hard and tirelessly to be treated fairly, at the very least as human beings. Instead our blood was spilled carelessly throughout the streets of the world with no regard for the humanity of our people. But that DID NOT stop us then and WILL NOT stop us now, because we realise that if we do not fight today without regard for our own lives, we will not be able to guarantee a better future for our children.

Forever Heroes & Heroines

We shall always honour the acts of bravery, selflessness and courage as they did what needed to be done to ensure our lives would be better than theirs. To give us the time and opportunity we needed to find ourselves again and prepare for the next stage of freedom. 

Because this time, as a new generation, we respond with a new sense of power and confidence. We’ll ensure history is made and not repeated.

The change that's happening today.

Slavery alienated us from our own identity, divided our community, suppressed and disguised our strengths as weaknesses and starved us of vital education to keep us down. But today we recognise that we no longer require the approval of our oppressors. Over the years we have learnt the importance of valuing OURSELVES and that is why we are stronger than ever. 

Today, our voices are louder than its ever been. Global demonstrations, protests taking place across 18 different countries and all 50 states of America.

 The largest Civil Rights Movement in history.

We have multiplied in numbers, as individuals from other races stand with us in our desperate fight for change. This is only another step towards victory. Upwards is the only direction we know.

What will we do differently this time around?

We have watched as they simply altered their strategy of enslavement and oppression, disguising it as ‘freedom & equality’ as they introduced modern day slavery, implemented a glass ceiling to prevent us from reaching our potential, continue to conduct daylight robbery of all our resources in Africa, creating a divide throughout our race and depicting us in a negative light. 

Tired is simply an understatement.

However, we too have adapted our battle strategy and will respond by doing exactly what they have attempted to keep us from doing for hundreds of years. Technology today gives us access to information like never before, we have been able to find our inner voices as well as each other. With that, we will grow our Economic value as people in a way that will no longer allow us to be overlooked, suppressed and ignored. 

Today, you see talent, creativity, intelligence, resilience and power spread across this generation, so we will work together with confidence and invest in OUR future with the freedom our ancestors fought so hard for. 

That is why this battle will be different.

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